mothergoose daycare by Lisa

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In home family childcare

 Come learn, play and grow with us!

Hello and welcome to my mothergoose daycare site!  I am a licensed daycare provider with over 20 years experience caring for infants, toddlers and preschoolers in my Lake Forest home, here in Orange county CA..   (see reviews at end of page)

I would like to first of all let you know that I will always try and make your child feel at home in my home. I want to work with you to give your child a sense that my home is a safe comfortable environment, just as it is at home

How we spend our day:  I run my daycare as close to a family home setting as possible. Whether you have an infant or a toddler I really try to engage each child and give them as much love and one on one attention as they need. Your infants get a lot of hold and cuddle time and I will work with him/her on growth through each developmental stage, i.e. following objects with their eyes, rolling over, reaching, sitting, grasping, clapping and I will work with them on their tummies (tummy time) to prepare for getting ready to crawl, stand and eventually walk. We also learn by playing baby games such as peek a boo and patty cake and just engaging and speaking to your child.   By working on all these developmental stages, we also work on large and small motor skills.

Your toddler will also get the one and one attention and time he/she needs. Lots of praise and reassurance and a hug and kiss for a scraped knee or hurt feeling if needed, and  he/she will learn to share, socialize and interact with the other kids, and make a few friends,  and will learn and grow though our activities  and play and  learn to resolve conflicts and hurt  feeling and problems like hitting, taking toys, pushing, etc.

We do have some structure, but also the flexibility to change structure if necessary.  Our day starts with a little bit of free time as we wait for all to arrive. Then we have a healthy breakfast which I try and get the 4 food groups in. usually our choices are, fruits. I.e. Bananas, berries, oranges, pancake, waffles, toast, oatmeal, cream of wheat, cereal. and milk to drink.  Then the rest of our morning is spent with playing with our toys or playing games, or puzzles, reading books, playing dress up, singing and dancing to our many children’s cds, building blocks, giant legos, cars, etc. until it is time for our preschool program for the kids 2ish to 5. School lasts anywhere from 30 min to and hour or so. The younger kids are always welcome to do our school work with us, they come and go up to the table and usually like the craft time, but tend to wander down and play close by while we finish up. The babies sit with me in their seats or swings or in my lap if they are awake, although it is not uncommon for us to wait to do our school work until they are napping.  After school, (and sometimes before) we get out for some fresh air and exercise and take a walk around the neighborhood, or walk to the nearby park or duck pond. We play at the school when it is not in session, usually, when on break or in the summertime. We occasionally go in the afternoon, however with parents picking up at different times that is rare...  After our outside activity it is close to lunch time. This is when we all clean up our toys, games, etc from the morning and the kids are rewarded for their clean up efforts with picking a T.V. show or DVD to watch while I prepare a healthy lunch, where, again, I try and hit the 4 food groups yet still be kid friendly. After lunch its naptime for most, although sometimes the babies are on a different sleep schedule. This is usually when my son, Raymond, may takeover  while I go out for an hour to run an errand or just a quick break.

As the kids wake up one at a time, we do quiet activities such as reading or puzzles, or coloring or t.v. until they all wake up. The afternoon is when they really get a more unstructured playtime, as the parents pick up from 3:30 on so we tend to not have as many organized activities. We all find plenty to do in the playroom with each other or on their own. At the end of the day we have one last cleanup time and the kids all help until it’s time to go home.

I hope this helps tell you how we all spend our time together. Of course, they are kids, so things can change, but in general. This is a typical day for us! I am excited for your child to be a part of it!

Please review my daycare policy contract and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have so we may discuss it. I have a very open door policy and I encourage you to come to me with any questions problems, or concerns you may have. I know from experience as a mom and a provider that it is not always easy to bring up a concern. Please rest assured that I welcome your voiced concerns so that we may be able to work together for a resolution...

The most commonly asked question is about my vacation pay policy. The reason I ask for full payment for all vacation time is that I rely on my weekly income and simply cannot afford to lose an entire week’s, pay. I will always give you ample notice of any vacation time I will take and I will not take advantage of this policy. If this does not answer your questions regarding vacations, please speak with me and we can discuss it further.


My husband Marty, is usually home around 4:00 and helps me with the kids should I have a dr. appt or other appt. and my son, Raymond also helps me with watching the kids for around a hour a day a few days a week.

  My main concern is that your children are happy and safe here with me and my family and that we are all happy and fair with each other.  My hope is always that as I grow a relationship with your child, I grow an equally important relationship with the parents as well. I hope this tells you a bit about me, my family and my daycare...   

 I have several reviews from parents, past and present that I will be happy to share with you. Just email me and I will forward them to you.

here are just a few

From Jo Marie:

Lisa's daycare is amazing! I would give her 10 stars if I could! We aren't all lucky enough to be stay home parents, so when you have to trust your children with someone, you want to find a daycare that will treat your children as their own. Lisa does just that and more. Lisa and her family have become a part of our family. I can't thank her enough for providing my kids a safe, fun, and educational environment to thrive in everyday. Her daycare is top notch and is highly recommended!

I started my first son with Lisa full time when he was just 6 weeks and he has been going there almost 8 years now! My daughter also started at 6 weeks old and has been going ever since. Lisa made the transition to daycare an easy one for our family, and has made us so comfortable. When my son was ready for elementary school, rather than signing him up for TLC, I started him at the elementary school near Lisa, so I could continue to use her for after school care, rather than TLC. Now, my son finishes all of his homework with her and gets to spend time with his little sister after school.

Lisa should be your first stop when looking for a daycare provider

From Ken:

My daughter used Lisa's Daycare for 5 years (starting when she was 10 weeks old up until Kindergarten). Lisa was absolutely amazing and provided the best care possible during that entire time; I've always wished I could refer her to more friends. The results of her own children are a testament of what a great caregiver she is.

From Marylee:

Mother Goose Daycare is an amazing place. Lisa genuinely loves all the kids she cares for and creates a family-friendly environment. She has activities to encourage learning and fun for all ages. She is flexible to the special needs of any child. I was also pleasantly surprised that she includes a learning curriculum so my children were ready to enter kindergarten with ease. Lisa is very personable and treats the parents like family as well. We are extremely satisfied with the care Lisa offered all 3 of our kids. I would recommend Mother Goose Daycare by Lisa to anyone looking for a good home-based daycare

From Rachelle:

I have been blessed to have Lisa as our family's daycare provider for nearly 4 years. She is so much more than that really. She is my children's home away from home. She is a friend to our family, actually family to our family. She as been instrumental to the raising my children. It is hard to be away from your kids but knowing they are taken care of and loved when you are not around is priceless. She helped prepare my son for kindergarten. She taught both my boys to swim.
We are moving away this summer and I think I am most saddened by the fact I will be losing such an amazing person...and her our daily lives. You couldn't ask for a better environment for your kids to grow, socialize, learn, and be taken care of

From Rebecca:

Lisa is incredible! I have had her watch both of my children from 3 month on (my son is now 5 and my daughter is now 3) and I feel so blessed to have found Lisa. There is no one outside of my family that I would feel comfortable watching my children, and I feel good every day knowing that they are in Lisa's care. She has the most nutritious food, has educations activities everyday for preschool and prekinder age children, arts and crafts. Lisa is extremely flexible and I have never had issues in the instances when I have been running late to get the kids or need to drop the kids off a little earlier than the daycare typically opens. Lisa is always available as well! I never have to worry about finding coverage and in the instances when she is closed we get ample notice. Lisa is truly a gift and I feel so lucky to have found her 5 years ago. This daycare provides something that I think is priceless- peace of mind when your children are not with you. I love Mother Goose Daycare so much and my kids feel the same way!

from Anthony:

Lisa is an excellent childcare provider, our daughter has been with her since 2013. Her home is very for lack of a better term homey! It's very neat and clean and always smells like there is something great going on in the kitchen. We couldn't ask for a better person to leave our daughter with while we are at work. If she ever has any openings do yourself a favor and schedule an interview as those open spots are not going to last long!